The WRTC 2014 competition will be held during the IARU HF Radiosport Contest July 12-13, 2014.

Preliminary Schedule of Events

July 9, Wednesday

Competitors begin arriving at WRTC event hotel.

Volunteers begin delivery and installation of operating sites.

July 10, Thursday

Morning – Competitor and referee Q & A meetings

Tours or other social excursions during the day for competitors, referees, and visitors

Volunteers build the operating sites

Evening – Opening Ceremonies

July 11, Friday

Competitor meeting and station draw. Competitors will be transported to station sites to begin set up of operating equipment.

July 12, Saturday

Contest begins at 8 am EDST (1200 UTC).

July 13, Sunday

Contest ends at 8am EDST (1200 UTC).  Competitors are transported back to hotel. Volunteers disassemble stations.

July 14, Monday

Touring or other social event during the day.

Closing ceremony and awards banquet.

July 15, Tuesday

Hotel checkout and departure.