What are Sponsored Teams

Q: What are Sponsored Teams?

Sponsored Teams are selected by individuals or organizations that have made a significant donation to WRTC2014. A Team Sponsor may choose to be one of the operators, or may select another operator to represent him. Operators must be approved by the WRTC2014 Organizers and be bona fide world-class operators.

The practice of having a few Sponsored Team spots is permitted by the WRTC Sanctioning Committee as a way to help fund the event. Sponsored Teams competed in Brazil in 2006 and Russia in 2010.

Of the four Sponsored Team slots available at WRTC2014, one has been claimed, two more are currently available, and the last one will be auctioned in either late 2013 or early 2014. We have received several serious inquiries on the terms and conditions of Team Sponsorship, so if you are interested, we would advise contact Doug, K1DG, to express your interest.

The donation level for a Team Sponsorship at WRTC2010 was set at 50,000 euro (about 70,000 US dollars). For WRTC2014, the donation level is set at 50,000 US dollars (or euro equivalent…we are flexible).