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To subscribe to the WRTC2014 email list please send a blank email to: subscribe@wrtc2014.org

You will receive a confirmation message. Please follow the instructions to complete your subscription to the list.

To post a message to all list members, send e-mail to: wrtc2014@lists.wrtc2014.org

To unsubscribe from the reflector please send a blank email to: unsubscribe@wrtc2014.org

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Email List Guidelines

The WRTC 2014 mailing list provides a public forum for the discussion of ideas surrounding WRTC 2014. The list audience includes anyone with an interest in WRTC 2014 as a competitor, referee, volunteer, or spectator. The WRTC 2014 Organizing Committee encourages open discussion and exchange of information, ideas, and practices among all list subscribers. Differences in perspectives and ideas are common place, especially when conducted in the spirit of inquiry, curiosity, and mutual respect.

Post a message to wrtc2014@lists.wrtc2014.org and everyone on the list will see it. Reply to a message that someone else has posted and only the initial poster will see your response. While having the entire group see your response may be a good way to stimulate further conversation, many topics are better one on one. Before you send a reply, consider whether it should go to everyone on the list or just to the person posting the message. If you think your reply will be of general interest, then send it to the list; if not, be careful to reply only to the message originator. When replying to an individual, make sure that person's email address is the only one appearing in the "To" box."

Watch how you express your emotions and humor within the mail. Due to the lack of vocal and nonverbal clues in email, we often need something extra to read into a message what was intended. Sarcasm rarely works on the internet and is often misunderstood. We have list subscribers all around the world. Not all of them may have a firm grasp of the English language. Each person on the list is expected to be responsible for what he or she says and what he or she reads as well.

The WRTC 2014 organizers are not responsible in any way for statements made by subscribers to this list. We advise that all members familiarize themselves wit h any issues they may have regarding libel, copyrights or any other issues surrounding their posted messages.

Please exercise restraint in posting when a thread is being heavily covered. Thirty (30) posts on one topic in a day is usually excessive. Please do not post asking people to stop a particular thread, no matter how long, off topic or repetitive it gets. The list administrators will step in when we feel it is necessary to end a thread. If you have a complaint about someone or a thread, please email it directly to list administrator whose e-mail address is found in the footer of every reflector post and it will be addressed as quickly as possible.

Do not post topics to the list that do not have anything to do with WRTC 2014. There are plenty of other places you can post general information topics. Please refrain from adding the list's e-mail address to correspondences that were not originally sent to the list. These are private correspondences between you and the sender and should never be copied to the list.

Put your name, callsign and E-mail address on every message you send. We don't all know everyone by just a callsign, nickname or Internet address. Furthermore, not everyone's E-mail software lets you see all the headers of the message, so it's sometimes difficult to reply to an individual posting without knowing the sender's address.

Use a subject line that indicates the true subject of your message. See if someone else has already responded before answering someone's question. Most answers should go directly to the person who posed the question, rather than to the list.

Before you post a message, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does it pertain to WRTC 2014?
  • Is the thought or question complete, or will you have more to say on it in an hour?
  • Should you just be quiet for a while and let other people speak?